Repurpose Your Creatives

Take your campaigns to new heights with creative repurposing. Adapt your assets and make them TikTok friendly, converting single or multiple images into gifs and videos.


StepsSteps to repurposing content for TikTok

  1. ✓ Convert single or multiple images into gifs and videos

  2. ✓ Convert widescreen formats (16:9) into vertical formats (9:16) or square (1:1)

  3. ✓ Reducing the duration of videos to 15 seconds without diluting brand messaging


approachTrim down your videos

With the reduced attention span of our audience, we encourage short, snackable content. How can you cut a long film into a short one while keeping messaging strong?

15 seconds:  Teaser, any sharp communication, launch, offer or a single product benefit

30 seconds: Detailed understanding of product benefit

35 seconds +: Full product demos, offers and product benefits


toolsThe right tools make the right TikTok ads

Video Editor: Edit & resize videos, layer on text & images, and edit soundtrack all in one tool.

Smart Video: Use technology to quickly generate TikTok style videos from existing assets

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