Inspire New Ideas

Ready to let your creativity take off? Embrace the creative and authentic spirit of TikTok and give users a new way to discover and engage with your brand.

Inspire your creativity with these 6 thought starters.


  1. ICONS-Inspire new ideas with Creative Box-01Create a dramatic product experience

    Create dramatic and interest-arresting situations that result from using your product.


    Focus on your product's benefits and create interesting expressions or reactions resulting from its usage.


    Select the most engaging, fun and authentic situation for your product experience.

  2. ICONS-Inspire new ideas with Creative Box-02Dramatize the problems your product can solve

    What problems lead people to seek your product? Identify every challenge your product solves and pick the most insightful one.


    Create an authentic, funny, unusual, or exciting situation that highlights this problem.

  3. ICONS-Inspire new ideas with Creative Box-03Play with unique product features

    What attribute separates your product from the others out there?


    Identify and play with that attribute. It could be your product ingredient, shape, name, famous history, or brand logo.


    You can also explore the production process, usage, application, expectations, or any other unique feature.

  4. ICONS-Inspire new ideas with Creative Box-04Carry out demonstrations

    People love to see and hear about the products they are considering purchasing.

    Show your product and tell your audience about it.


    Talk about and act out usage, or the lifestyle associated with your product.

  5. ICONS-Inspire new ideas with Creative Box-05Celebrate and honor

    Achieve a sense of belonging for your brand, product, and customers by associating and glorifying ideas.


    Explore options, like an ideal, an attitude or a way of living.


    Work with a historical narrative, take a journey into the past, speak about a group of people or era.


    You can also explore intanglibles and concepts like thought-processes, beliefs, attributes, and qualities

  6. ICONS-Inspire new ideas with Creative Box-06The power of cute

    Exploring ideas and concepts that people find cute or romantic can go a long way to achieve success for you.


    People love to swoon over babies, characters and animals. These characters awaken the protective sides of people, melt their hearts, and encourage spending.

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